Beginning in 1980, The Speich Family built their first beach house with five brothers, a sister, and an adventurous engineer.... Dad. We built a small modest house at Treasure Island Subdivision between Galveston and Surfside . It was built by hand. Each weekend we used just a skill saw, hammer, and bags and bags of nails. We relied heavily on the expertise of our Dad, and friends with a variety of professional backgrounds. 

As a life lesson, we learned what a little hard work, friends, and a lot of heart and determination could accomplish. Proving it is not work if you love what you do. 

Paul and Tracy Speich have been working hard ever since to make the challenges of life a little more fun. 

In 2006 we developed and built a service based business which focuses on listening to the expectations and dreams of our clients. As a family owned company, we appreciate all our clients and treat everyone as part of the family. 

Tracy Comee Speich is a graduate of Texas A&M University, and managing partner of Speich Custom Homes, L.L.C., specializing in Human resources and accounting. 

Paul Speich is a product of the University of Houston, and received his Professional Home Inspectors certificate from Tomball College. Back ground is construction, AutoCAD, and Chief Architect.